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Leasing Good Credit just for the car? We refute the myth!

Do you run a business? To reach customers faster and in more comfortable conditions, you need a car. Hardly anyone has a cash supply at the start of business.

So you don’t have to wait to buy a car until your business starts to make a profit. Consider leasing the option of Good Credit and stop being dependent on others!

Leasing Good Credit – learn about its types

Leasing Good Credit - learn about its types

Leasing is one of the basic forms of financing the purchase of a car by Polish entrepreneurs – we read on the site In Poland, we distinguish two types of this service – operational leasing as well as financial leasing. What is operational leasing? The customer rents a car from the lessor.

He hires this keyword for this process. You, as the owner of a business, also do not become the owner of the car. It remains the one who lends this vehicle.

What does the payment issue look like? First, an initial payment is made, then invoices are systematically paid for the period. Only then – after the time specified in the contract has expired, you can buy a leased car.

Financial leasing – what is the meaning of this term?

Financial leasing - what is the meaning of this term?

In financial leasing, the car is included in the entrepreneur’s property, but the leasing company remains its owner. The operator becomes the owner of the car only after paying the last fee, unless the contract provides for other solutions.

Financial leasing also differs from the operational duration of the service. Operational leasing has a certain minimum. The contract must be signed for at least 2 years. There are no such reservations in financial leasing.

Leasing Good Credit – frequently asked questions

Advisor Mirosław Baran has been offering leasing services to his clients for years. He admits there are a few questions that are repeated at almost every conversation with those interested:

– There are no restrictions on the duration of the lease business, he emphasizes. – A car leased by Good Credit can also be taken by someone who just started a business.

Interestingly, Good Credit leasing is a service addressed not only to people with a driving license.

– Yes, the lease can be used by an entrepreneur without a driving license – confirms financial adviser Mirosław Baran.

Not just cars – what else can you lease?


In Poland, there is a common belief that leasing of Good Credit is a service that only applies to cars. It’s not true! Specialized machines and even office furniture can be leased.

This is an interesting option, especially for newly baked business owners who, due to a strained budget, cannot afford expensive shopping. Interestingly, leasing is increasingly used by farmers – agricultural machinery is also covered by this service.

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